Thursday, March 28, 2013

Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction is a myth!!! There is a lot of hue and cry about job satisfaction among working professionals.
But if one closely analyses, Job satisfaction is not just about the quality of job description but it is more on the extraneous factors like your colleagues, work culture,office facilities and suprisingly to a great extent even your personal life.

People who don't have a happy personal life are the one who gets easily upset by a bad day at office and crib about job satisfaction.Ideal job for everyone would a enjoying a sun bath in the beaches of honolulu but then best things in life has a price attached to it!!

Few people feel being on bench and drawing salary for doing nothing is the best job that one can ever have. Some other people opine having quantitative work involving intelligence gives job satisfaction. There is also a third category who think meeting people and job involving lots of travel is the best job satisfaction that one can ever have!!

Well, the point is, the definition of job satisfaction is highly subjective and it depends on the kind of person one is.Imagine a free rider as described in the first case above landing up with a highly quantitative job profile or a sales profile or vice versa.Every one is gifted with certain skill set and certain likes and dislikes.So, one must do what one enjoys doing NOT what necessarily is a better job to be happy at his job.

But people even get bored of always being happy and satisfied  which leads to job dissatisfaction. People crave for spice in their life and such content, happy but monotonous life for a long time leads ultimately to boredom!

So, you see Job satisfaction is a myth, ain't it?